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Nationwide Service

We specialize in commercial retail energy management systems nationwide. Ease of use and empowering flexibility is what we offer when it comes to controls. We simplfy systems to work cooperatively. This integration gives you the capabilities to facilitate operations seamlessly. We have

19 years in controls success and experience. King Arms offers cutting edge solutions, utilizing the latest in controls technology from manufacturers like Niagra-Tridium, Honeywell, Microsoft, and more. Plus we offer LEEDS commissioning to reduce your carbon footprint. We will create a custom solution for your company to optimize operations, all the while adhering to the strictest quality of service. We have been entrusted to handle controls for many national retailers and have completed work for complex facilities, including controls for the New England Patriots place.

Controls Services

  • New Construction Start-up
  • Fuctional Performance Testing
  • Building Controls Troubleshooting
  • Retro Fitting Building Controls
  • Refrigeration Controls Start-up
  • Lighting Controls
  • Lighting retrofit from T12 to T5 to LED
  • Energy management consultant